Sweden’s Liberals say against Moderates and Christian Democrats govt

STOCKHOLM: Sweden’s Liberal Party will not back a government made up of centre-right Alliance bloc members the Moderates and Christian Democrats, leader Jan Bjorklund wrote in Swedish daily Aftonbladet on Saturday (Oct 13).

Moderates Leader Ulf Kristersson said on Friday that it was prepared to form a government without other parties in its bloc marking the latest attempt to clear a political deadlock since the elections.

Swedish Liberal Party leader Jan Bjorklund gives a news conference after meeting with the Speaker o

Bjorklund wrote in Aftonbladet that the Moderates leader had not explored enough cross-border alternatives.

"We want to have an Alliance government with support from across the political divide and which keeps the Sweden Democrats from having any influence," Bjorklund said.

"We are not prepared to allow a Moderate/Christian Democrat government to take power."

(Reporting by Esha Vaish, Johan Sennero and Simon Johnson; Editing by Daniel Dickson)

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