Dare to be square at the Hermes Carre Club pop-up event this weekend

The square scarf has long been synonymous with French fashion house Hermes. And at the extravagant three-day pop-up Carre Club, which opened today (Oct 19), visitors can explore and experience the creativity and craftsmanship that goes into this key pillar for the revered brand. 

To date, the institution has produced over 2,000 silk scarves and continues to push the boundary of design with an irreverent take that is uniquely Hermes. And that’s evident when you wander around Carre Club’s nine rooms over two floors, each with a whimsical take on the "carre", which is French for the square.

Hermes Carre Club Click& Check

In these rooms, the seemingly unimaginative geometric form is given some of the most contemporary and intriguing interpretations we’ve seen. 

Don’t know where to begin? CNA Lifestyle has cobbled together "cheat sheet" to help you make the best of your visit. Let the adventure begin.

Hermes Carre Club studioWant to personalise your silk scarf? These are the tools of the trade. (Photo: Chern Ling)


Time your arrival. We suggest you show up just before it gets dark. Why? To catch the last skate performance at 6pm and, more importantly, because the Carre Disco opens after 6pm.

Hermes Carre Club new openerListen in on the secrets of Hermes. (Photo: Hermes)


After the skate performance at Carre Skate, head to Carre Click & Check to pick up an all-access card as well as a map to help you navigate the nine differently-themed rooms.


Study the map. There are two floors of fun. Begin your journey of fun by climbing up to level two to Carre Cut, the room of makeovers. Tap in with your access card to get in on not one but two makeovers – a square-cut wig and an express gelish manicure.

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Expect lines so tap in as soon as you can.


Hermes Carre Club PortraitKeng Saw at work on a portrait. (Photo: Hermes)

While waiting for your appointment at Carre Cut, slip out to the adjacent room Carre Studio and get in line to have your portrait drawn by Malaysian fashion illustrator and designer Keng Saw.


While in line, keep your eye out for the servers. Not just because they are wearing such lovely Hermes aprons but because they are handing out innovative bites such pulut hitam tarts, Milo dinosaur madeleines and kopi opera cakes by Tarte by Cheryl Koh.


Hermes Carre Club MakeoverA personalised square-cut wig. (Photo: Genevieve Sarah Loh)

By the time your portrait is done, you should receive a text on the mobile to alert you to head back for your makeovers. Just slide back to Carre Cut, tap in and settle down in one of the many makeover booths.


Hermes Carre Club cafeFood central here at the Carre Cafe. (Photo: Chern Ling)

By now you should be feeling a tad peckish. Just around the corner is the Carre Cafe where there are some amazing savoury bites you won’t want to miss. Prata on caviar, oyster and lard kueh pie tee, chicken rice on a stick, anyone?


Hermes Carre Club pop up Carre OkSing on at Carre OK. (Photo: Hermes)

Make your way down to the other rooms on the ground floor. Run, don’t walk, to Carre Ok, for a private Karaoke sesh.


Got a scratchy throat after all that singing? The Carre Disco just beside has a free-flow bar. With a bubbly in the hand, kick back and take in the live band performance. Or you could always show the crowd what you’re made off with those So You Think You Can Dance moves.

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Hermes Carre Club special edition bandanaHermes Carre Club special edition bandana. (Photo: Hermes)

On your way out, make a pit stop at Carre Mania, the on-site retail shop to pick up the special edition Hermes Carre Club Ex-Libris bandana. 

The Hermes Carre Club runs until Oct 21, 11am to 1pm, at 3 Lady Hill Road. Admission is free but here for priority access. ​​​​​​​